Bourbon Mobility, a world leader in offshore passenger transportation for the oil industry, has chosen to partner up with Moment to provide an entertainment offer on board its vessels.

Bourbon Mobility is differentiating and heightening its transport service of staff to oil platforms in West Africa. Its fleet of Surfers is now outfitted with portable streaming servers, which enables passengers to access a wide variety of movies, documentaries and games on their mobile devices throughout their journey. So far fifteen vessels have been equipped with Moment’s cutting-edge solution. Thus, Bourbon Mobility passengers in transit from ports in Angola, Congo, and Nigeria to offshore oil rigs will be entertained on their journeys. Moment streaming service will be improving the frequent journeys of at least 200 000 naval passengers a year.

We’re thrilled to partner with Bourbon Mobility and expand our services in the maritime market in Africa. The African continent is currently one of the world’s fastest-growing economic regions. Entering this market is a priority for Moment and will help us consolidate our position as a key player in the business of digital entertainment for out-of-home environments” said Tanguy Morel, Moment’s CEO.

Moment is a digital entertainment solution provider in tune with customers’ needs. Aboard Bourbon Mobility’s ships, passengers can connect their devices (smartphone, laptop, tablet) to a local Wi-Fi network and access a wide range of entertainment solutions designed for them. The customized platform provides access to international and local movies, documentaries and games. With Hollywood blockbuster movies like Black Panther, Jumanji and Jurassic World or Nigerian movies like October 1st and Breaking Ranks, Bourbon Mobility is upgrading offshore staff transit to new heights.

Bourbon Mobility is a company oriented towards customer satisfaction and this partnership is sure to improve its passengers’ daily life. Each entertainment service set up on ships provides fundamental new features for passengers’ frequent transit to and from offshore oil platforms. Bourbon’s specific content mix adds up to around 100 hours of qualitative films and documentaries for passengers to discover and to this must be added the hours of fun to be had with the platform’s many games.

“The passengers are the core of our business. We want them to have a pleasant journey in our Surfers such as the business class of airlines. We are very pleased to bring them new entertainment services like the ones of Moment. Moment’s innovative technology and interesting range of contents will truly enhance our customers’ onboard experience across West Africa” declares François Leslé, CEO of Bourbon Mobility.

In the following months, Moment and Bourbon Mobility will pursue their partnership with the deployment of this platform to more vessels and also on shuttle buses, a new service offered by the maritime transport company.

About Moment:

Moment’s mission is to power any entertainment experience while on-the-go. With a wide array of solutions deployed globally across airlines, airports and cruise companies, its service is leveraging content to entertain, interact and engage passengers. The company provides entertainment services to companies like Air France, Paris Airport or Air Belgium.

About Bourbon Mobility:

Bourbon Mobility is a subsidiary of Bourbon, a multinational company that meets the needs of oil and gas clients by offering a wide range of services in continental offshore and deepwater offshore. Present in over 47 countries, Bourbon Mobility has established itself as a world leader in the petroleum industry by offering its clients a safe, economical and reliable alternative to helicopters to transiting to and from oil rigs. With its 252 crew boats and 30-year experience, Bourbon Mobility transports 2.7M passengers per year.