Enrich your passenger’s on-board experience

We offer digital entertainment, e-commerce and connectivity solutions for innovative railway service providers.

Moment builds advanced entertainment & e-commerce platforms for the railway industry.
We help rail service providers create a rich and unique digital on-board experience, from the confort of the passengers’ personal devices.
We provide innovative on-board services that increase brand awareness and create additional revenues while engaging passengers at every second of the journey.

Elevate the in-train experience

Moment helps railway companies designing the service experience for the future traveller. Our solutions open opportunities to create an elevated, personalised and efficient end-to-end travel experience. Entertainment, e-commerce, interactive map... there is no area that can't be covered.

First-in-class entertainment

Enhance the travel experience by providing access to a digital guest portal with thousands of contents in just a few clicks. From Hollywood blockbusters to the latest music hits, your passengers will enjoy the most fantastic contents.

Digitalize your on-board services

Moment partners with international railway operators to achieve their digital goals. Enhance and enrich your passenger's experience by providing them with personalized on-board services. From catering to itinerary information or even destination guides, Moment provides cutting-edge digital tools.


Tap into new revenue streams

Tap into new revenue streams by easily selling content, advertising space or lauching a sales app. Moment will help you creating positive business cases, whether you wish to integrate advertising, sponsoring packages or pay-walls.

Our Rail solutions

Wireless Service

Streaming Platform

A versatile entertainment & services platform, accessible on your guests devices.


Companion App

A service to offer contents directly in your core application

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