Taking inflight entertainment to the next level

Next-gen portable Wireless IFE
for Business Jets


Flymingo provides operators with an innovative, attractive and fast solution to deploy to differentiate their offer and improve the profitability of a fleet of business aircraft. Contributing to comfort in the cabin, it is positioned as an alternative to installing screens or providing connectivity on board that can be technical or financial brakes for many aircraft manufacturers and fleet operators.


Battery Autonomy


Box per aircraft


Hours of content to choose from


Flymingo is a digital solution that responds passengers’ entertainment needs with regularly updated premium content, while meeting technical weight requirement and affordable cost.


As loose equipment, Flymingo does not require an STC to be deployed onboard.

1 aircraft = 1 box

Provide a premium IFE service to all the passengers of a business jet with only one Flymingo Box.

Premium entertainment

A first-rate service to your customer's thanks to an excellent content library.

Effortless Management

Flymingo features simple controls, enabling minimal requirement from your team.

Best Wireless Capacity

Ultra-fast aircraft WiFi for all the cabin.


A low-cost monthly subscription plan; foregoing the expense of hardware installation and satellite connexion.

Premium in-flight experience

The business aviation market continues to expand and requires digital solutions to offer a high-level, bespoke offering. For that reason, Moment develops user-centric and intuitive interfaces. Flymingo is elegant, functional and designed with great attention to detail to elevate the IFE user experience and improve air travel quality.


Accessible from any device, in a few clicks. There is no need to pre-install an app to enjoy contents.


Light and intuitive interface bringing the whole content of the IFE system to your fingertips.


Integrate our entertainment and e-commerce solution in your core app, for a seamless user experience.

Pick-up your modules

From entertainment content to shopping platform and custom travel information, we’ve got you covered. Choose your configuration!


Enjoy the most riveting content selection : Hollywood movies, TV shows, games…

Travel Information

Geolocalized and interactive moving map with points of interest


Food, beverages, and other services, at the click of a button.

Designed and manufactured in France

Flymingo is 100% developed in house by a team of engineers, designers, and IFE specialists. France is at the core of Moments’ skills, technologies, innovation and production.

We control the whole fabrication process, with trusted suppliers enabled to deliver for the aviation industry.

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